• About

    I am a Senior Designer/Art Director with 10+ years industry experience both leading and working as part of collaborative teams. With my feet in both the creative and production worlds, I have developed the expertise to be able to bridge both and switch back and forth with ease. I bring design thinking to my production work and strong technical know-how to my creative designs.

    Experience marketing and launching the careers and pursuits of others has been a professional passion of mine as has bringing forward-thinking products to life. My background leading studios and teams makes me facile at the business-end in easily prioritizing and managing deliverables, workflows and deadlines. My main skills lie in art direction, branding, production, workflows and team management.

    My past lives include being a dancer, public art administrator, gallery manager, print production specialist, art director, creative director, and business owner. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of working with world-famous dancers, arts organizations, sculptors, painters, small business owners, international brands, and corporations such as Comcast, Metro PCS, Roundtable Pizza and more.

    Outside of the realm of commercial design, I am also a painter and printmaker.