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    I am an art director with over 10 years experience branding a variety of print and digital products and campaigns for national chains and global businesses. With my feet firmly planted in both the creative and production worlds, I bring both pragmatic and imaginative solutions to life. Adept at leading both large or small teams, I most enjoy assembling hard working talent, delegating to their strengths and then diving in alongside to produce great work.

  • Digital Art Direction 1

    Collaborating with a global team of content creators, educators and artists, I currently work for Pearson where I lead the process of distilling content and learning objectives into relatable, relevant and visually-rich learning environments for an app designed for Kindergarten and 1st grade. During this process, I develop unit themes, keep the branding in-line within the overall product design and manage deliverables so that all the visual elements function seamlessly within the app environment.

    Art Direction  |  Internal and External Team Management  |  UI/UX  |  Branding  |  
    Production  |  Digital Asset Management  |  Content Management Systems  |  Workflows  |  
    Deadlines  |  Troubleshooting  | iOS, Windows and Chrome Book Devices
  • Digital Asset Design 1

    I work from a thorough understanding of content, audience, UX and brand to transform concepts into intuitive touchpoints and create assets on a daily basis. Then, I make them function on a variety of media, platforms and devices. Supervising the work of the studio team in applying these designs across the product where called for, I make sure that branding is upheld and functionality is assured.
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  • Logo Design

    Developing logos and brands is a challenge that I particularly enjoy. The process of distilling the unique qualities of a brand into a symbol or visual language that appeals to a particular audience is fulfilling work and the results are powerful. Here are a few examples of some logos I have created in the past.
  • Digital Branding

    In the digital sphere, the visuals I have designed for small business owners and large corporations alike cover everything from asset design for web to email marketing announcements.
  • Print

    In the print world, I have done everything from running a design studio charged with producing several concurrent monthly regional print runs of millions of pieces to designing for high-end custom print jobs.
  • About

    I am a Senior Designer/Art Director with 10+ years industry experience both leading and working as part of collaborative teams. With my feet in both the creative and production worlds, I have developed the expertise to be able to bridge both and switch back and forth with ease. I bring design thinking to my production work and strong technical know-how to my creative designs.

    Experience marketing and launching the careers and pursuits of others has been a professional passion of mine as has bringing forward-thinking products to life. My background leading studios and teams makes me facile at the business-end in easily prioritizing and managing deliverables, workflows and deadlines. My main skills lie in art direction, branding, production, workflows and team management.

    My past lives include being a dancer, public art administrator, gallery manager, print production specialist, art director, creative director, and business owner. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of working with world-famous dancers, arts organizations, sculptors, painters, small business owners, international brands, and corporations such as Comcast, Metro PCS, Roundtable Pizza and more.

    Outside of the realm of commercial design, I am also a painter and printmaker.